Horoscopes: An example of different horoscope charts.

The horoscope of Sigmund Freud is used as an example.

Freud-Sigmund: Natal Chart 1

This chart has all the information in it and it is well organized, but the presentation could be improved.


The next chart is the same chart but touched up to make assessing it easier. It is usually a good idea to work the natal chart and make the important factors stand out for you. It makes interpreting the chart so  much more efficient.

Freud-Sigmund Horoscope touched up!

Freud-Sigmund Horoscope touched up! The shaded hemisphere indicate the part of the heavens that is below the horizon. With a little prep time, it is easy to make the chart easier to read.


The next chart is an example of a more modern horoscope using colour to increase the information available and organize it well.

Natal Horoscope: Freud-Sigmund

A colour coded horoscope for Sigmund Freud.